What Torch
offers you

Torch Wallet comes with a plethora of revolutionary features like Automated Staking, Instant Unstaking, DEX Token Swaps, Limit Orders and more

Automated Staking

Let Torch's automated staking feature handle your stakes and help you earn maximum profits. Torch makes use of mathematical computations and brings forward the best arrangement for staking and claiming rewards. Be free from the constant market lookouts and enjoy the convenience of Automated Staking without compromising your earnings.
Automatic staking
Reputation Points

Reputation Points

Build up your reputation score by staking with Ignite and unlock exclusive benefits. Reputation points are directly proportional to your time and investment inside the Ignite DAO ecosystem. That is, the more active you are the more value you will receive over time.

DEX Token Swaps

Torch offers you the ease of trading currencies inside Zilliqa's ecosystem straight from your wallet. Store and trade your assets and enjoy the hassle free experience. We are here to simplify things for you.
DEX token swap
DEX limit order

DEX Limit Orders

Be liberated from continously price checking tokens inside the Zilliqa ecosystem. Set the price order of your cryptocurrency and lay back as Torch trades for you. You are able to set limit orders without the excessive hardwork while Torch manages your transactions.

Instant Unstaking

Torch is the only wallet that allows you to instantly unstake your ZIL without the confines of the normal 14-day unstaking period. This feature will cost you a nominal fee which eventually flows back to the ignite DAO community.
Instant Unstaking