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Automated Staking

Sit back and let Torch handle your stakes.
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Instant Unstaking

Why wait when you can unstake your ZILs now!
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DEX Token Swaps

Trade currencies right from your wallet.
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DEX Limit Orders

Set limits and trade your currency automatically.
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Endless innovation

Endless Innovation

At Torch, we bring you features never seen before in this field. Our team has worked day and night to curate you the most needed attributes in today's market. Torch's innovative features, such as Instant Unstaking, extend the current offering inside the Zilliqa ecosystem and will continously expand and evolve over time.

Made for DeFi

Torch allows you to have full control of your private keys, while storing, growing, and earning rewards for your crypto assets in a simple and safe way. It gets rid of the intermediaries and ensures you have simple direct communication in financial matters.
Made for defi
Community driven

Community Driven

Torch is made with a community driven mindset and works not for you, but with you. Being imperative to our organisation, Torch offers you a multitude of features that make it user friendly. Read more about Torch or help spread awareness about Torch on our community driven knowledge hub learnblockchain.org.


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Instant Unstaking
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DEX Limit Orders
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